I love playing together, current bands are Duo Kefi, Moyamuna and Moy. I also play in Lijfmuziek and in a local folk group called Lorelei, and at various spiritual festivals throughout the year.

MOYAMUNA: A trio consisting of the Indian Singer Samhita Mundkur, harpist Lies Joosten and me on flutes, where the Irish river Moy and the Indian River Ymuna flow together. Sounds and rhythms flow, our improvisations are seeking inner stillness and harmony. We like to play laying-down concerts and concerts in beautiful spaces. Lies and I can also be booked as a duo, called MOY.


DUO KEFI: Pit Hermans plays the cymbalon, with its beautiful mystical sound. She loves performing folk, Greek songs, balkan and Jazz music.. I play world- and improvised music on flutes and lyre and sing in several languages. Together we are Duo Kefi, Kefi meaning the Spirit of Joy in Greek. With a repertoire of mostly Irish and Greek music we play both for adults and young children. For the younger audience we play relaxed soundscapes and fiery folk songs interspersed with well known children’s melodies.


I lived in rural Ireland for years. On the low whistle I can express the depth of emotion and and the connection with the land through improvisation and folk melodies.

This is a celtic soprano lyre. A lovely instrument for accompanying singing, and for example to play for children with special needs and the elderly.

Here I play the Irish flute, the wooden tone brings a softness with it, it breathes with me.

Since the age of ten I’ve been playing the silver flute, and throughout the years I’ve played music in many places in the world including in India, Mexico, Rusland, Nieuw Zeeland, Australië and many European countries. The flute is an extrension of my heart and a great way to connect with people and sometimes be a musical mirror for them. I love playing in many different styles and love to improvise and play together with people. I am still looking out for a good heart centered pianist or guitarist to gig with in gentle spaces.