In my workshops I aspire to connect with the inner joy of each person, and self discovery and wonderment are important ingredients. Through art and music  I also like to help bring gentleness and peace to groups, for example in schools with children with special needs. I’ve led these kind of workshops for over 15 years now.

I teach workshops at the Arnhem Open Air Museum, with seasonal art and often a musical meander through the park. This pic must have been taken at Easter deducting from my whiskers! I teach art and music workshops like lantern and mask making, dress up, making dolls, weave willow, weave wool, spinning, make up songs jam together. For all groups and all ages. I especially love working with children with special needs.

Here are some of the instruments the children can play during a workshop at the school. I’ve taught world music workshops, movement and singing for years at schools in Ireland. Please contact me for bookings if you are interested.